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Pharmaceutical spam is killing people. Here's who's behind it

According to the World Health Organization, about eight percent of all drugs imported into the United States is "counterfeit, unapproved or substandard." As to who's buying them, look no further than those pharmaceutical spam emails that almost everyone ignores. Almost everyone.

Brian Krebs took a deep-dive into the illicit world of the counterfeit online pharmaceutical spam industry and what he came up with shocked even me. The Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies estimates that 30,000 to 40,000 websites are selling drugs at any given time.

Why does the organization give or take about 10,000 online drug marketplaces? Well, that's because only a tiny number of these pharmacies are actually legitimate.

That's right, the shadowy world of online pharmaceuticals make up the vast majority of Internet pharmacies. Most of their customers come from spam emails promising enhancement pills, generic versions of pricey drugs or any other number of lies.

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