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Polaroid combines Instagram with instant printing in new camera

Polaroid combines Instagram with instant printing in new camera
Polaroid Socialmatic

One thing that has disappeared with the advent of the smartphone is people sharing photos. I know that you can easily tap a few buttons and share your digital photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites, but I'm talking about sharing photos like back "in the old days."

I'm talking about when people would stop to pull photos out of their wallet or purse to proudly show off their family members. It was always so much fun to see the pride that people took in explaining each picture. And Instagram is aiming to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical realm of photos.

Instagram has teamed up with Polaroid to create a new generation of click and print photos. But instead of the old Polaroids that you waved around to develop, these new photos will be a beautiful hybrid of the new technology of social media and the older technology of physical photos.

Introducing Socialmatic, the camera that can take photos and share them to your social media accounts like Instagram and print two-by-three inch photos with sticky backs that you can attach anywhere.

How does it stack up to modern smartphones and printing options? Well, there's good news and there's bad news.

The specs on the camera aren't too shabby, with a 14 megapixel front camera for regular photos and a 2 megapixel rear camera for selfies. It has an Android OS, so you can download other apps to the gadget, and is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled for maximum social media sharing.

The price point on this gadget doesn't seem to be to so flexible, though. The Socialmatic with 10 photo paper prints starts at $300, but you can get up to 110 photo prints for $350.

The photo paper itself is pretty pricey at $0.50 a sheet when you buy a pack of 50 prints. You can get all the pricing info at Photojojo.

All photos courtesy of Polaroid and Photojojo.

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