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Should you be looking at your monitor vertically?

Should you be looking at your monitor vertically?
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Do me a favor and take a look at your monitor screen. Not what's on it, but the monitor itself. More than likely - if you have a newer monitor - your screen is wider than it is tall.

An article from The Daily Dot has the audacious headline "You've been using your monitor wrong this whole time." The writer may have a point, but I'm not entirely convinced.

Did you know that computer screens have been following TV screen dimensions for decades? When computer monitors were first sold, they had a nearly square screen of 4:3 ratio. But what does this have to do with using your monitor differently?

Now that TVs have transitioned to widescreen, monitors have followed suit. This means that when you visit websites, there is a lot of white space on the edges of the website you're looking at.

The author from The Daily Dot suggests that if you turn your monitor, you'll actually get a better experience. There's no more white space, and everything lines up perfectly inside the screen.

But hang on a second, don't break something trying to flip your monitor just yet. Many computer monitors have static stands that only allow them to tilt, not swivel. If you're committed to testing this out, be sure to get a computer stand that will support rotating the screen 90 degrees.

Also, you can't just tip the monitor and expect the screen to follow suit. It doesn't work like your phone because it doesn't have accelerometers built into it. You'll have to enter command keys to flip the screen orientation. (Ctrl+Alt+←) for portrait view and (Ctrl+Alt+↑) for landscape view.

Note: If you're going to try this, I recommend having your resident computer guru be available for the experiment. It's easy to goof and forget how to flip everything back if you're not an experienced computer user.

Keep in mind, this vertical viewing experience won't be convenient if you watch movies or play games on your computer. It's recommended for light Web browsing and reading.

If you're a heavy multi-tasker, this not-so-new concept will really limit your ability to use multiple tabs in your browser, as well as limiting your horizontal space when it comes to having lots of windows open.

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