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Now you can search for Facebook posts

Now you can search for Facebook posts

Your Facebook page is like a digital time capsule. It contains memories dating all the way back to when you first signed up for an account. But, finding your old posts can be a real pain. Not anymore. Facebook has just introduced a new way to easily find old posts, photos, videos and more. Reaching back in time and grabbing your old memories is now easier than ever.

Facebook just announced that it's launching a new update to the search function on the website and iPhone app. The new update is a response to feedback that Facebook has received from users who want to easily find old posts.

Your search results are personalized and unique to you and, as always, you can only see things that have been shared with you.

To use the feature, simply type in words or phrases related to the post you want to find into the search bar. For instance, you could search "Kim's top 10 tech gifts" to find my posts on the subject.

Basically, you can find any post that you've seen before on your Facebook page. The search function will comb through photos, posts, videos and links to find exactly what you're looking for.

These are just updates to the basic Facebook Search system, so other search functions will still exist. If you search for "Kim," then Facebook will still show you profiles for people you know named Kim. But, if you search "Kim vacation photos," then it will look for posts mentioning those words.

You can also still use more general search terms to find profiles, too.

If you want to search using phrases like “My friends who live in New York,” you still can.

Facebook will begin rolling out the updates this week, so you should be able to use them soon if you haven't noticed the changes already.

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