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ATM wiretapping: Look for these tamper signs before you use ATMs

You can never be too careful with your information these days. Hacks and attacks on corporations and individuals are on the rise, and you have to be vigilant to keep your data safe.

I know I've told you about ATM hacking before, but there's more important information you need to know. We now have evidence of what wiretapped ATMs look like.

ATM theft and skimming is on the rise, so it's important to carefully check out ATMs before you use them. If you don't, you could be handing thieves your banking information without knowing it.

Wiretapping is fast becoming a popular means of hacking ATMs. Thieves will cut or burn a hole in the front of the ATM to mount cameras, microphones and other equipment to steal your data.

These holes were initially said to be tiny, but more recent photographic evidence says otherwise.

The holes that are cut into the front of ATMs are anything but tiny. They have to be large enough for a person's hand to fit inside and attach the skimming equipment.

Many of these holes are covered with generic stickers, but if you were to check the sticker itself, you would see that the ATM was plainly tampered with. Take a look at the image below. (Image courtesy of NCR.)


What can you do about it? You can keep your information safe by thoroughly inspecting any outside ATM before you use it. If things look a little off, or something seems weird to you, trust your instincts and don't use the machine.

Instead, go inside to a teller or inside ATM. You could also use the drive-through service if your bank has one. Click here to get more tips on how to spot credit card skimmers on ATMs. 

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