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The Web's most famous cat earned her owner $100 million

Which celebrity do you think makes the most money? There are lists all over the Internet that list the highest-earning actors, athletes and more. You'd probably guess someone like Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio or Ben Affleck. But, the answer might be a bit more furry. That's because Grumpy Cat just might have them all beat. Since taking the Internet by storm, the cat with the famous scowl has brought in more than $100 million.

That's made her owner Tabatha Bundesen a rich lady. She was able to quit her job after her furry friend became famous.

Not surprisingly Ms. Bundesen believes her pet is “unstoppable”.

How did the cat earn so much money? There's a line of Grumpy Cat products, a Friskies cat food endorsement, books and even a movie coming out on Lifetime.

Grumpy’s big screen debut is coming soon, The film “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” has been billed as a cross between "Home Alone" and "Die Hard."

Hollywood is full of crazy success stories, but I don't think any are as nutty as Grumpy Cat's rise to fame and fortune.

Grumpy Cat first took off when Bundesen's brother posted a picture of his sister's cat Tardar Sauce online. He thought her constantly upset face was funny and the Internet agreed.

That turned the cat into a social media phenomenon. Grumpy Cat now has 521,000 followers on Instagram and 255,000 followers on Twitter.

So, how does Bundesen get her cat to make the unique face? It's actually the result of medical conditions.

Grumpy’s permanent scowl is a result of her having been born with dwarfism and an underbite.

Tardar Sauce now has a kitty agent - I'm not making this up - and her owner has been able to turn the Grumpy Cat brand into a money-making machine.

Even though the success story sounds almost too crazy to be true, I can see why so many people love the Internet's grumpiest cat. Her face is so unique and funny, especially when put into hilarious Internet memes and videos. Click here to see one of the funniest Grumpy Cat videos around.

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