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Check out what an Amazon robot accidentally sent a Texas farmer

Check out what an Amazon robot accidentally sent a Texas farmer
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Stephen Hawking may be warning us about the eventual uprising of artificial intelligence, but if the robots on Amazon's factory floor are any indication of the situation, I think we're safe for a while yet.

I'm sure you've heard about the new robots that Amazon is employing on their factory floors to speed up production. It seemed like a good idea, but there's been a bit of a hiccup, and Amazon tried to shaft a customer in the midst of the whole situation.

Here's the scoop. Christian and Lisa Seger, owners of a dairy goat farm in Texas called Blue Heron Farm, were expecting a package from Amazon. A friend said that they had sent the couple a book about chickens via Amazon.

A package arrived along with quite a few others, since the Segers often order items through Amazon. Christian noticed that the box seemed a little beat up, and he thought that maybe it was a package that he had ordered and forgotten about.

When Christian opened the package, he was stymied. "'I'm a farmer so I'm familiar with a lot of mechanical doo-dads,' he says. 'Right away I could tell this was nothing I need at all, and it came from some really heavy-duty equipment.'"

Christian pulled out a green cylinder with a plastic bumper and heavy ball bearings. Take a look at the pictures below.


He wondered if maybe it was something he had sold on eBay and the box was somehow reused, but then he remembered that his friend had sent him a book about chickens.

On a hunch, he checked out the tracking numbers, and the box checked out. Instead of Amazon sending Christian a book about chickens, they accidentally sent him a roller from their assembly line.

But that's not even the best part. When Christian contact Amazon about the mix-up, they said that they were willing to swap out the book for the part, but Christian would have to pay $19 to ship the roller back.

Say what?

Needless to say, the couple was not pleased and took their frustrations to Twitter.

Mystery solved. The big green cylinder is actually part of the @amazon conveyor belt. And now they are threatening us about returning it.

One thing I can tell you for sure...This @amazon roller does nothing to improve my relationship with my chickens.

Amazon finally responded with the tweet below:

@BlueHeronFarmTX I'd like to make sure this is reviewed, please send us your details here: http://amzn.to/1FTNExs (1/2)

Debating starting a Go Fund Me to get our friend the $19 so we can keep the @amazon conveyor belt roller.

Eventually, Amazon sent a delivery driver with a return label to pick up the cylinder. The Segers weren't charged by Amazon for the mix-up.

And there may be a rogue robot somewhere happily tending to its chickens. So much for a robot uprising, I guess.

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