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Dramatic new Facebook privacy policy changes

Dramatic new Facebook privacy policy changes
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Facebook has changed its privacy policy - again! But this time, instead of eroding your privacy, it's just made your rights clearer and easier to understand.

It often seems like the words "Facebook privacy" are an oxymoron. Everything you post and everything you like is parsed by algorithms and quantified for more effective advertising. Your name and profile picture are public, and depending on your settings, almost everything could be visible to strangers.

On top of that, Facebook's robust Graph Search feature makes it simple for somebody to track you down using surprisingly few details.

Most people are upset with Facebook about these serious privacy concerns, but every single Facebook user signed up for them when they created their account. You agreed to the terms and conditions, and that includes the privacy policy.

Unfortunately, the phrase "buyer beware" doesn't tell the whole story. That's because until now, Facebook's privacy policy has been a maze of complicated language and legal jargon. It's also been very long.

Thankfully, Facebook has just overhauled its privacy policy to be very simple to navigate. It joins the Privacy Dinosaur in a list of recent changes to help users take control of their privacy. This update includes an interactive tutorial called "Privacy Basics" to guide you through the nuts and bolts of your capabilities. It answers the most common questions about Facebook privacy.

The layout, however, is the biggest change. The information is sorted into easy-to-navigate categories. It's still long, but you'll be able to find out what you need to know quickly in plain English.

The goal of this whole enterprise is to increase the number of people reading and engaging with Facebook's terms and conditions. So few people read terms and conditions in general, but they're so crucial for understanding your rights and responsibilities when  using free services like Facebook.

I've simplified it even more. Click here to read the three privacy checks you need to do right now on Facebook. Or you could download this free tool to maximize your privacy on social media.

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