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New Mercedes-Benz fueled by paint, not gas

New Mercedes-Benz fueled by paint, not gas

When was the last time you were at the pump? If you visit the gas station more times than you deposit your checks, it can be a little depressing.

But a new design from Mercedes-Benz could change all that. Hybrid cars are nothing new, and owning one could save you a lot of cash in the long run.

Unfortunately, these hybrids still need gasoline as a basic requirement before they can switch to electric. That's where the new Mercedes-Benz concept car comes in.

This sleek, gorgeous machine not only runs more efficiently than any other luxury car, it also creates fuel. That's right, I said creates fuel.

The Mercedes-Benz concept car from Beijing calls itself the Vision G-Code, and harvests solar and wind energy from its multi-voltaic silver paint. That silver paint, while looking sleek and stylish, acts as a giant solar cell.

This means that the paint absorbs solar energy and static wind energy when not in use, and stores up fuel for later use. How cool is that?

The concept also has ergonomic controls that can move the pedals and seat into a user's preferred position, and the steering wheel unfolding "like a butterfly's wings." This luxury coupe also has enough room to comfortably seat four adults.

Another really amazing thing about the car is the fuel that it runs on - namely an electric motor and "a super-charged hydrogen combustion engine." And the hydrogen isn't something that you have to buy; it's the same fuel that's created by the multi-voltaic paint.

Unfortunately, you won't see a completed model of the Vision G-Code on the showroom floor anytime soon. The official press release says, "The technical visions in the G-Code clearly incorporate quite fantastical aspects and by no means raise the claim of wanting to pave the way for specific future technologies to enter into mass production, unlike the research vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. But the G-Code describes ways that our grandchildren might one day consider the state of the art. As such, the compact SUC, like the previously introduced Ener-G-Force and GT 6 vehicle studies, makes absolutely no claim to be implemented within foreseeable periods."

But it's still a really amazing concept! You can click here to read more about all the specs on this crazy cool new concept. And who knows? Maybe some of these great concepts will make it to the cars we'll be driving off the lots in the near future.

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