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The KomandoTab Tablets have arrived! Get yours today!

The KomandoTab Tablets have arrived! Get yours today!

Every day, I work to help you use technology to make your life easier and better. Of all the questions I get, most of you want to know about tablets.

Because of this, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I created the KomandoTab™ Tablet.

Well, today has been a particularly hectic day in the office - my KomandoTab Tablets have finally arrived and we barely have room for all of them!

My warehouse is packed, KomandoTab boxes are wall to wall in the conference room, and have even spilled into the entryway!

For those of you who have ordered one - thank you! It will be on its way soon.

For those of you who want one, there's still time to get one for you and the whole family. Click here to get yours now.

In the meantime, check out the photos from arrival day! I'm so excited!


So excited the KomandoTab is finally here!


We have a lot of boxes to pack -- by the way, the flowers are from Connie, a recent caller on my show, who published a book about WWII. SO nice of her to send me!


Guess we won't be having any meetings for a while!


That's a lot of tablets! But once they are gone, they're gone!


I am so lucky to have such a great, hard-working team!


The limited edition KomandoTab™ is a high-performance tablet, custom-built to meet my expectations. You'll love the blazing speed, hi-res display and all the bells and whistles of this top-end gadget. You can take your tablet with you anywhere and use it for emailing, downloading apps, shopping online, reading e-books, photo sharing and posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

This ultra-quick tablet is as sleek in function as it is in looks. The featherweight KomandoTab boasts a powerful quad-core engine with 16 GB of memory, plus a dazzling 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display with capacitive touch panel and front and rear cameras.

The KomandoTab Tablet is ideal for business and personal use and a truly amazing gift as we usher in the holiday season.

And, don't forget to purchase a protective case for your new KomandoTab Tablet.

The KomandoTab comes with USB-to-wall plug adapter, USB to microUSB adapter cable and earbud headphones.

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