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Spied in her own bathroom: The ultimate invasion of privacy

Spied in her own bathroom: The ultimate invasion of privacy
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Camera technology has improved a lot over the past decade and helps us keep our homes, kids and businesses safe. Sadly, that same tech can be used for evil, too. Just yesterday, I told you about a Russian website broadcasting unprotected feeds from thousands of private security cameras, including unsuspecting people's homes and even bedrooms. Now, I've got news that is even more disturbing. Two New York landlords are facing charges after a young college student found spy cameras hidden in her apartment.

Eli Kadoch and Michel Kadoe hired Aksana Kuzmitskaya last year as a cleaning woman in the brownstone apartment building they owned in Manhattan. They offered her room and board as part of the compensation. She was also studying to be a computer programmer.

The men then allegedly installed cameras in her room and bathroom and captured video of her naked and in her underwear during her most private moments.

The landlords spied on Kuzmitskaya while she was either naked or in her underwear, using the bathroom, engaging in sexual acts and showering. The “high-powered” video cameras were concealed in “unsuspecting devices” in the unit’s bathroom, the suit alleges. The defendants allegedly maintained a live feed of the footage.

Kuzmitskaya eventually discovered the cameras and contacted the police. This is an awful situation and I feel terribly for this young woman. No one should have their privacy violated like this.

Surveillance technology and even spy cameras aren't bad in some situations. For instance, many parents use them to watch over their kids when a nanny or babysitter is around to make sure they're safe. But, when people decide to use this technology to infringe on other people's rights, there's a problem.

Kadoch and Kadoe are finding that out now. Kuzmitskaya is suing the men for loss of wages, compensatory and punitive damages and attorney fees. Kadoe has also been indicted for his part in the crime.

On October 31, a New York County grand jury indicted Kadoch on ten felony counts for the unlawful recordings. According to the court documents, some of the recordings show Kadoch repositioning the cameras in Kuzmitskaya’s apartment.

What should you do if you find a spy cam in your place? Exactly what Kuzmitskaya  did. Contacting the police is your best bet in this type of situation. Click here to learn more about how to react if you find spy cameras in your home.

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