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Ebola.com owner cashes in

Ebola.com owner cashes in
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Ebola is no laughing matter. It's already killed thousands in West Africa this year alone and individual cases have popped up in America and Europe. Not that anyone should panic, but it's definitely a situation to keep an eye on.

As usual, though, there are people looking to cash in on the crisis. Click here to learn how to avoid Ebola email scams.

One other company cashing in is the owner of Ebola.com, Nevada-based Blue String Ventures. It recently sold the Ebola.com domain name for $200,000, which is a tidy sum.

Of course only $50,000 of that was cash. The rest was 19,192 stock shares worth around $170,000.

So, what kind of company would buy Ebola.com? A medical research firm? A movie studio? A book publisher? Nope, guess again.

It was actually a company named Weed Growth Fund, which used to be known as Ovation Research. It's partnered with Cannabis Sativa, which promotes medical marijuana use and is run by former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson.

Cannabis Sativa is the organization that provided the shares for the sale. According to Mr. Johnson, marijuana might hold a key to defeating Ebola.

At the moment, Ebola.com doesn't have any information on it, so it still remains to be seen what exactly Weed Growth Fund is going to do with it.

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