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Adobe patch fixes eBook tracking

Adobe patch fixes eBook tracking

You may have seen my coverage of Adobe's insecure transmission of your private eBook data two weeks ago. Well, the company just pushed out a patch for its Digital Editions app.

As a quick refresher, the company tracks your username, device and information about the eBook that you're reading. The company tracks your data for licensing and copyright verification, which is understandable (not great, though).

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The issue was that all of this data was being to Adobe's licensing servers on unsecured connections. All that it really means is that your eBook data is now being transmitted with the most basic of protections.

When it comes to a customer's personal data, we've seen that companies tend to not care all that much time and time again: From insurance companies with freely searchable records to high school transcripts posted online for all to see.

Either way, today's update puts forth a little much-needed effort toward locking down your data.

Here's how to update your gadget with this important patch.

If you've got Digital Editions installed and don't already have automatic updates enabled, start your update with a visit to the App (iOS) or Google Play (Android) store.

From there, tap on the "updates" tab and slide over to Digital Editions. If any updates are available, tap the "download" button and they should install automatically.

If you don't see any downloads available, then that means that your software is completely up to date.

After you've finished updating, you might also want to check out this free software update monitor for Windows.

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