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YouTube to charge subscription fees

YouTube to charge subscription fees
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If you've been on the Internet at all for the past 9 years, then you've spent at least a little time on YouTube. The free video-hosting service is one of the top websites in the entire world.

The most-watched YouTube videos have hundreds of millions of views, and 100 hours of new video is uploaded every minute. And those are just the cat videos.

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One of the reasons YouTube has been so successful is that it's free. You can watch as many videos as you want - or upload as many as you want - and never pay a thing.

For the past few years, the way YouTube has earned money is by gradually increasing the use of ads. You see them before nearly every video now, and now sometimes even in the middle of particularly long videos.

Not everyone is happy about the ads, so YouTube is about to launch another option.

YouTube is considering a paid-subscription option. Like Netflix, you'd pay a certain amount a month - there's no word yet on how much it might be - and then you can watch videos ad-free.

A paid, ad-free subscription version of YouTube, in addition to the existing ad-supported offering, would give users more choice and work well in a world where viewers are increasingly watching videos through apps on mobile devices, [Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube]  said during the Code Mobile conference ...

So, fortunately, the free ad-supported version will continue. However, it might be a case like the video site Hulu where the ads on the free version are going to keep increasing until they match or surpass the length of ads on TV.

This isn't YouTube first entry into paid streaming. It offers paid movies through YouTube Movies, and individual YouTube channels can set up paid subscriptions if they want.

YouTube also has a paid music service in the works that will offer ad-free music videos and other unannounced extra features. We'll see how successful that is when it shows up.

So, would you be willing to pay YouTube to watch your videos without ads? Let me know in the comments.

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