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Surprising habits of I.T. pros

Surprising habits of I.T. pros
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You have to wonder sometimes how much professionals actually follow their own advice Does your dentist have a cupboard filled entirely with candy? Is your financial adviser running up credit card debt? Probably not, but you have no way of knowing.

That's why Mike Geneivive of Expert Exchange decided to put I.T. pros to the test with a survey to see what kind of computers they run and how seriously they take their security.

Before I give you the results though, let me just put your mind at ease that I do take my own advice. I have security software installed on every gadget, I back up my computers, my Facebook profile is locked down tight, and so on.

With that off your mind, let's take a look at the results of this survey. It had 1,200 respondents, so it should paint a fairly good picture of how I.T. pros use technology.

The first interesting fact is that 72% of I.T. pros use a PC exclusively and only 3% use a Mac exclusively. Around 23% use both and 2% use other systems like Linux. Also, the older an I.T. person gets, the less likely they are to use a Mac.

The high percentage of PC use is probably because the majority of people I.T. pros support PCs. Plus, if you're into building your own computers, Mac is not really an option.

When it comes to security, 72% of I.T. pros run a full virus scan at least once a week. How's that for practicing what you preach?

As for how I.T. pros rate you, 92% say that most of the computer problems they run into are caused by users. It might be installing bad programs, not updating software with the latest patches, not running security software and other similar no-no's.

So give your I.T. guy a break and learn everything you need to know about keeping your computer in tip-top shape from security to routine maintenance and knowing what tech myths not to believe. Trust me; they'll thank you.

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