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Travelocity offers cheaper trips to people who own these gadgets

A new study suggests that if you're booking your travel and accommodations on Travelocity on an Android device, then you're paying more than an iOS user. Not only that, but the sites that you browsed before calling up the Travelocity could throw higher prices at you, too.

I've covered how social media and advertising companies track you extensively, but this is something entirely different. If this study is right, then it could mean that companies use your browsing history and phone preference to actually estimate your income.

The study was performed by Northwestern University and found that many other companies might practice what's called "Discriminatory Pricing." The study concluded that iOS users usually pay about $15 less on average than travelers browsing Travelocity on any non-iOS device.

Results vary even further if you add computers into the mix. Android Headlines ran a quick test to see how this worked, and found a listing for a hotel with a nightly rate $300 cheaper than any of the listings on iOS or Android.

What should you take away from all of this? When it comes to travel, it pays to research.

It might be smart to add multiple devices to your travel research strategy, even. If you see a price on your tablet or smartphone, then you might want to recheck the same price on your home computer.

What you really need to do, though, is buy your plane tickets on the right day. Click here to find out the best day of the week to buy your airline tickets and save big.

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