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Is security now a laughing matter?

Is security now a laughing matter?
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If there were any takeaways from yesterday's Apple event - beyond the products - they were:

1. Apple takes security seriously.

2. Apple doesn't mind laughing at itself.

Apple actually stole its own thunder by leaking specs for the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 - a solid twelve hours before they were announced. Whether it was a marketing mistake or an inside security flaw that allowed for the error, Apple decided to address the situation from a security perspective. And it did so in hilarious fashion.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will be the first to tell you how much further ahead his company is from the pack in terms of security. And, in many ways, he is spot on. Of course, in these times, nothing is 100%. So instead of making wild claims, the tech giant chose a far more entertaining way to address the very real issue of security - with a real-life funny man!

Apple poked fun at itself by appointing late-night television comedian Steven Colbert as, "security czar."

In the midst of the product announcement event, Apple's software guru Craig Federighi phoned the television host to discuss security. The two engaged in some scripted banter (well at least it appeared that Federighi was scripted from endless glances down to his note sheet) about who was going to lead Apple into the next phase of super-security.

Colbert (aka Red Delicious for this exchange), was his usual on-point self - providing several titles for his new high-profile security position to Federighi (Granny Smith) which included ideas like "Security Czar," and "Supreme Allied Commander of Supersecrecy," only to finally decide upon, "Intergalactic Chancellor." He even referred to CEO Tim Cook as "Chairman Honeycrisp."

Colbert concluded by tapping his wrist to indicate that he's ready for Apple Watch, saying he's, "Jonesing for some jewelry."

While the exchange was intended to be over the top, Apple taking the time to raise the issue of security was no accident. And despite the tongue-in-cheek discussion with Colbert, it seems that Apple is acknowledging its customers' insistence on improved security (think iCloud celebrity photo scandal). It was also a wise marketing move as Apple Pay, the company's tap-to-pay digital wallet feature (for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch), is due out this Monday.

Oh, if you'd like to see what else went on at yesterday's launch event, you can click right here.

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