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6 wild ways tech CEOs spend their money

6 wild ways tech CEOs spend their money
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Earlier this week, it was reported that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, ponied up $25 million dollars to help the fight to contain and eliminate Ebola. No matter how much you earn, $25 million is a significant amount of money.

We hear all the time about extravagant expenditures from professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities, but when push comes to shove, there are few who earn more than those who are calling the shots in technology. Now, this isn't to say that their earnings are not warranted. In many cases, these high-earners begin companies and make decisions that leave serious footprints on the lives of millions.

Think about Apple CEO Tim Cook for a moment. His thoughts impacted every product that Apple has just released over the last month. Those include two new iPhone 6 models, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, iPad Air 2, 27-inch iMac Retina Display (the highest resolution screen in production) - and that's just naming a few. How many of those products will be sold? You can see why the CEOs of these tech giants command such gigantic salaries.

But, when you are earning more money than most of us could ever imagine - how do you spend it? Well, who better to answer that question than these top earning CEOs themselves? Here are some purchases that only individuals like these can would consider.

1. Steve Jobs Yacht- Though Apple's founder and former chief is no longer with us, he definitely took the time to enjoy some of the finer things before he departed. Case in point - his super yacht Venus. Jobs spend about $131 million on it. Sadly, he passed away in 2011 before it was finished.


2. Steve Ballmer's hoop squad - Former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer just spend 2 billion to purchase the NBA franchise Los Angeles Clippers. What is stunning, many say he might have overpaid by a half-billion or so. Of course, are we foolish enough to squabble with a retail genius like Ballmer over a few dollars.

Clippers purchase

3. Larry Ellison Island - The outgoing, outspoken playboy CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison owns a 141 square mile island in Hawaii called Lanai. We don't know what he paid but chances are it was not free. His plan is to turn the island into a "model for sustainable enterprise." I am not sure what that means, but I am definitely up for the tour.


4. Gates foundation - Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are the richest people on the planet. And since 2000 they have been running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In that time, they have issued grants in the neighborhood of $30 billion. That is special.

Gates foundation

5. Sir Richard Branson - Virgin Group founder Richard Branson sold Virgin Records in 1992 to keep Virgin Airlines afloat. These days, the successful entrepreneur has build Virgin Galactic - a company who is positioned to be the first in commercial spaceflight with the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft.


6. Mr. Zuckerberg's Neighborhood - It's a beautiful day every day for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg - at least in terms of privacy. Maybe that's just a little ironic ... But, when he is not emptying his pockets to fight Ebola, the face of Facebook isn't opposed to laying down $30 million to purchase the four homes surrounding his, in his Palo Alto, Ca neighborhood, to ensure peace and quiet in his down time.

Zuckerberg home

I think at this point, we have seen enough. Is there really anything else to say?

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