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This gadget gives you complete Internet privacy

This gadget gives you complete Internet privacy
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If you've been on my site for any length of time, or on the Internet in general, then you know what a dangerous place the Web can be. There are hackers breaking into mainframes, phishing scammers waiting for you to make a mistake, and countless worms and viruses trying to make it on to your computer.

There are also agencies, like the NSA, and advertisers that follow your every move online. That's why I like to recommend the service Tor. It's a free service that makes you completely anonymous online.

There's a bit of a snag with Tor, though. You have to install special apps to use Skype or Safari to make it work with the program, which can be a total pain in the neck.

That's why one industrious Internet user decided to make a gadget that automatically connects all your gadgets to Tor. You don't even have to mess with compatibility apps with this cool accessory.

anonabox is a router accessory that works with all your existing equipment to connect you and your wireless gadgets automatically to Tor. It's a simple "plug and play" gadget that gives you peace of mind about your online security.

As you can see in the Kickstarter video below, anonabox is a slick little gadget that doesn't take up much room. In fact, it's smaller than a dollar bill.

It's not a new kid on the block in terms of testing, either.

The current version of anonabox is the fourth generation in its line, and is twice as fast and half as small as the version that came before it. One of the major selling points for the anonabox is that it can actually make your online Tor speeds faster because the anonabox does all the major thinking in the background.

Simply connect your router to the anonabox using an Ethernet cable, then plug in the anonabox power cord. You can connect all of your wireless gadgets to anonabox, but there is also an extra Ethernet cord to connect to a gadget without wireless capabilities.

This Kickstarter seems like a great idea, and I'm not the only one that thinks that way. The original goal for the anonabox Kickstarter was $7,500. At the time of writing, only two days after the campaign was launched, the anonabox Kickstarter has garnered over $315,000. That's more than 42 times what the original campaign was for!

What do you think? You can check out this handy gadget at Kickstarter here at the anonabox campaign page. 

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