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Fast food hack hits 46 states

Fast food hack hits 46 states
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If you swiped a card at Dairy Queen sometime during the month of August, then you're definitely going to want to read this.

Dairy Queen confirmed yesterday that 600,000 of the company's U.S. customers may have had their credit card information stolen. That means that criminals could have your name, card number and expiration date.

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I originally covered this breach in late August, which means that it's taken DQ just over a month to tell its customers that their cards might have been hijacked. Here are the highlights of the company's press release:

  • 395 of DQ's 4,500 locations were affected by this attack
  • The company has no evidence that anything other than credit card, expiration date and name was stolen by the crooks
  • DQ is confident that the malware has been contained

The number of affected Dairy Queens might seem small, but those 395 cracked payment systems are spread across 46 U.S. states.

Dairy Queen has released a list of all of its affected locations. You can find it by visiting http://www.dq.com/datasecurityincident/affected-stores/. You'll definitely want to read the list, I had to use Google maps to confirm that one of the Arizona locations that was hit wasn't the one that I might have visited.

Similar to the Home Depot breach, Dairy Queen is also offering after-the-fact identity theft protection services. It seems nice, but here's the problem: Protecting your identity is about preparation, not "I'm-sorries."

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