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New iPad production stopped?

New iPad production stopped?
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A rumored 12.9 inch iPad Pro was expected to be announced next Thursday at Apple's next big media event and go on sale in November. Apparently, that's no longer the plan.

While Apple still may announce the coming debut, it seems production may have to wait awhile. The reason? The production demands on cranking out enough iPhone 6 Plus devices is standing in the way. Apparently, even the most optimistic 6 Plus sales predictions were short - way short.

Apple confirmed it sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 units during the launch weekend, with recent estimates suggesting it may have sold more than 21 million units in the first two weeks. 4 million of those units are currently reserved in China. But it is the unprecedented popularity of the larger screened 6 Plus model that has manufacturers scrambling to meet demand.

With Apple's main objective is to meet the demand for devices that have already been ordered. It simply does not make any sense for the company to ask display makers to split resources and manpower for another device that has not yet been announced.

While that may be reassuring to those who are already waiting for their iPhone 6 Plus handsets, the presumed delay may test the patience of iPad enthusiasts who've been looking forward to the likely new product.

Worth the wait?

Sure, we might be getting ahead of ourselves by trying to determine if a product is "worth it" before it is even announced. However, history shows that information leading up to Apple launch events is usually pretty good. From what I've heard, Apple has plans to introduce a new iPad Air 2 and the completely new concept, the iPad Pro, complete with OS X. There maybe even be an iPad 6 in the mix.

Anyway, word has it that the iPad Pro will likely have a big 12.9 inch screen with rumors pointing to a 4X resolution screen. There is also some solid information about a complimentary iPen to come with it, that boasts a built in gyroscope, accelerometer, and a microphone. And with every indication that the Pro is intended to be the machine for creative professionals, we could also expect to see some serious hardware upgrades to power high-end features.

Here's a mock comparison chart of how the iPad Pro might fit into the Apple tablet family:

iPad Pro

And even though it may be delayed, it still seems much more likely than those Apple TV sets still blowing around in the rumor mill.



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