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Weird, Wacky, Wonderful: Bar for pregnant women, ingenious brides, and game gone wrong

Weird, Wacky, Wonderful: Bar for pregnant women, ingenious brides, and game gone wrong
photo courtesy of shutterstock

Sundays are a day of rest, relaxation, and reflection. But it's also a day to recharge from that long week.

Get a fresh cup of coffee or tea and get comfy, because I have a few great stories to make you smile on this lovely day.


A lot of kids like to play video games, and the games are getting more interactive all the time. But the NBA made a bit of a mistake with its latest game.

The PlayStation 4 game NBA 2k15 has a new twist on the classic basketball game. You can scan your face with the PS4 camera and create a basketball player that looks like you.

Sounds pretty cool, right? The only problem is that the scanner doesn't work as well as advertised.

Actually, it doesn't really work at all. Take a look.

"This is what an "average scan" of my face in NBA 2K15 looks like. "

Twitter users continued sending in their horrifically rendered characters. No word yet on if the goof in the game has been fixed yet.

 "Hey @NBA2K this face scan is pretty busted. How's my face look @LD2K @Ronnie2K lol. "

"@Ronnie2K the face scan is wack. The future is not here my time has not come what is this bruh"

"@bradley221dixon face scan on 2k15!!! Haha "

"Nice face scan 2k hahaha. @2K @Ronnie2K @GoldGloveTV "

".@seth_rosenthal putting in my entry for worst 2k face scan. Pic doesn’t capture the terror of watching him blink."

Source: SB Nation


This week a Twitter hoax went viral that involved pregnant women and a bar. Supposedly, a bar called "Gestations" was scheduled to open up in New York's East Village this month.

It was really a prank to drive more social media traffic to a bar-finding app, Bartrendr. Among other things offered at the fake bar, there were trimester specials for women "drinking for two."

The pranksters even went as far as putting up a billboard, which you can see in a tweet below. I'm not a fan of the sign, myself.

But rest assured, there is no pregnancy bar opening up. In fact, a small vet clinic will be moving into the space that was claimed by Gestations at the end of the year.

Source: Washington Post


Most brides hope and pray that the weather doesn't take over their special day. But there are a handful of brides that came prepared to weather any storm. Take a look at the images below, I'd say these newlyweds made the most of a soggy situation.

Like this beautiful bride that brought options.

bride and boots

Image courtesy of Wayne & Angela.

This colorfully adorable couple. How cute is that?


Photo courtesy of Kelsey Goodwin.

These gals that came prepared.


 Image courtesy of Carolyn Bentum.

This just looks absolutely, magically adorable.


Image courtesy of Ariel Renee Photography.

This chivalrous groom is already escorting his bride off the dance floor.


Photo courtesy of Andres Zavadskis.

And this couple that finished their vows with a kiss under cover.


Photo courtesy of Ryan Brenizer.
 Source: BuzzFeed
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