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Replace the plastic in your wallet with 'Plastc'

Replace the plastic in your wallet with 'Plastc'
Photo courtesy of Plastc.com

Ready to hear from another company who wants to replace all those debit and credit cards in your wallet? By that I mean using just one card that serves as your credit, debit, and store cards.

The company is called Plastc and it is hoping you part ways with $155 to eliminate all but one piece of carry-around plastic. The company's product is the Plastc Card. It's the same size and thickness of regular credit cards, but it packs a battery, e-ink display, NFC, and other high-tech features, along with the usual magnetic strip.

Okay, I'll back up for a minute. For those of you wondering what any of this has to do with football, NFC in the technology payments world, refers to Near Field Communication. Basically it's the tech that lets you just hold up your wallet to a payment site, rather than taking it out and swiping it.

The purpose behind this tech-rich card is to combine all of your cards and vouchers into one single, convenient device - something that would allow you to reduce the thickness of your wallet or ditch it completely.

Before you make any serious judgements about whether Plastc would work for you or not, take a look at how it all comes together:


Here's what strikes me right off the bat. $155 seems a lot to pay to thin your wallet, but I drop mine in a purse anyway so a little heavier wallet doesn't bother me too much. Of course, that 150 smackers does pack quite a bit of technology, so of course I'm into that.

I was also happy to hear that the internal battery lasts up to 30 days and can be recharged wirelessly. Until I heard that, I thought dealing with the battery might be enough reason to stay away from the card altogether. But, wireless charge ... okay, I haven't run away yet.

I also thought it was cool that the bluetooth will synch up to your phone so you can track all of your expenditures. Plus, it will tell you if your card moves out of range in case you left it at the register or at the restaurant.

The e-ink is really cool because it will give you a current balance on all your cards and even barcodes for stored vouchers. And if you lose it, you can wipe Plastc remotely. (Yes, it does rely on nearby smartphone connectivity.)

And if you do run out of battery, it defaults to your primary card so you can still make purchases.

I think if Plastc came out a few years ago, it might have had a better shot of eating up some market share. Though it reduces the amount of plastic you carry, you still have to carry plastic and it is still something that you could lose or break.

But what's really bothering me is this: Apple Pay may launch next Thursday - it does the same thing, is said to have incredible security features, and you don't even need to tote an extra piece of plastic around to use it. Plastc already requires a nearby smartphone, so if you have a smartphone that does it all, why do you need Plastc?

See my point?

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