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Teacher with bad texting skills causes bomb scare

Teacher with bad texting skills causes bomb scare
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The Internet is filled with funny websites documenting hilarious misunderstandings in text messages, often due to wacky auto-correction fails. But it wasn't auto-correct that failed this teacher and led to some scary moments for teachers, students and parents.

When your kids and grandkids go to school, you're placing their safety and well-being in the hands of their teachers and staff. And it should come as no surprise that teachers take their students safety very seriously.

But when a teacher at a Harlem high school jokingly texted his wife to rescue him from a boring meeting, things got a little out of hand.

The teacher, who has only been identified as "Eric," was at his school for an all-staff meeting and was apparently bored out of his mind.

That's when he sent his wife a text message saying "Call in a bomb threat." His wife, knowing that he was at school with the entire staff, took him at his word and immediately phoned the New York City Police Department.

But there was another part of the message.

It was only after she hung up with the police that she saw a second text saying "Haha" that the wife realized it was just a joke.

Eric's wife again called the NYPD and tried to explain that it was a joke gone horribly wrong, but the police take bomb threats seriously - and rightfully so. They explained that they have no choice but to respond to every threat and arrived at the school in eight minutes.

"It was meant to be a joke. It was misconstrued, and, boy, oh, boy, before we knew it, there were cops here," the school's executive director, Stephen Falla Riff, told the New York Post.

After the police arrived, they questioned Eric very thoroughly but understood that it was a joke. There were no arrests or searches of the school. "The NYPD was satisfied it was a joke," Falla Riff said. "If they thought there was any doubt whatsoever, my guess is that he would be in cuffs right now."

The school has yet to decide this week if Eric will be punished for the ridiculous stunt. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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