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Yahoo breached by "worst bug in the world"

Yahoo breached by "worst bug in the world"

Tens of millions of people visit Yahoo everyday, so when word gets out that a popular part of the Internet giant is infected with the "worst bug ever," trust me, it gets a lot of attention!

I've been telling you about this bug, Shellshock, since last week.  You can click here to read more of my coverage. But I'm pretty certain we will be hearing a lot more about this bug as hackers all over the world figure out how to use it against our gadgets and the sites so many of us visit.

Yahoo hasn't publicly confirmed the data breach yet. Johnathan Hall, a security researcher with Future South Technologies, claims to have found trace evidence of a Romanian hacker's presence on Yahoo's servers.

Not only that, but he also shared an email from Yahoo that confirmed the breach. So we can be sure that hackers found their way onto one of the most highly trafficked sites on the internet.

Yahoo Games, one of the largest free online games collections on the internet, was breached by the Shellshock security vulnerability. If your information is on the Yahoo Games servers or if you've played a game on the website recently, hackers could have stolen your user information or secretly delivered malware to your computer.

Why hasn't Yahoo announced the breach yet? Well, the company's security team could still be trying to figure out what information was accessed or exploited by hackers. On the other hand, the company might just be trying to wait for as long as possible to be open about their lax security policies.

Now I'm sure some of you are saying "But Kim, Yahoo is one of the biggest websites on the internet. Wouldn't it have one of the best security teams on the internet too?"

You'd think that, but the company fell victim to the one thing that I predicted would be any small website's downfall in the face of a bug like Shellshock. All it takes to stay safe is a simple patch, but inattention always gives hackers the backdoor they need to jump straight into your secure system.

Here are links with step-by-step guides on what you can do right now to stay safe. Try every single one of these security measures if you think your data may have been compromised:

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