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The hard drive that James Bond would use

The hard drive that James Bond would use

Ever ask yourself, "which Solid State Drive would James Bond use?" Of course you have.

Now you have the answer! Or better yet, you could say that this is the SSD of choice for Jim Phelps from "Mission: Impossible." That's because this hard drive will self-destruct not after five seconds, but whenever you send it a text message.

That's right: This is the first hard drive that you can communicate with using SMS text messages. With just a quick text, you can absolutely, irrevocably and completely destroy your hard drive.

In fact that's not the only way you can obliterate your expensive SSD (it costs $1,600). You can set it so that if you don't text it within a certain amount of time, it will self-destruct. It could be every hour or every day or every five minutes.

Also, it can be ordered to automatically self-destruct when the battery runs out. Or you can enable one-tap destruction in the hard drive manufacturer's app. Not only that, but if anyone tries to open the hard drive casing, it will blow itself to smithereens.

That sounds awesome, but why in the world would you want to destroy your pricey new hard drive? There are some good reasons.

Now, before you picture explosions and fire and smoke, you should know when I say "blow itself up" I mean that the silicon chips will physically fragment. So it's more like shattering than combustion.

Still it's just as effective. Since the hard drive is very heavily encrypted, the fragmentation lines prevent your data from ever being decoded even if you can physically reassemble the pieces.

Shattered SSD

So why would you want to do this?

I always recommend destroying your hard drive at the end of its life or whenever you're done using it. This goes for both conventional hard disk drives and solid state drives. You have a lot of sensitive and personal information on them. Even if you wipe the drive, skilled enough hackers can reconstruct at least some of the data. When you physically smash them, thieves can't steal your data.

You can use a power drill, a belt sander or a sledgehammer. Just make sure you be safe and double check that the platters are damaged enough to be irreparable. Then, don't just toss the junk in the trash. Click here to find out a safe and responsible way to recycle your old computer parts.

That said, you probably don't need the super high-tech, super-expensive drive I told you about at the beginning unless you're carrying around very sensitive information. However, if you're worried about KGB agents, corporate raiders, NSA spooks or other unsavory types, maybe you'll find this drive worth the price.

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