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Netflix partners with hilarious celebrity to make cord cutting a whole lot funnier

Netflix, Adam Sandler and IMAX are teaming up - and cutting your neighborhood movie theater out of the deal. That's right, coming off of the hilarious success of "Grown Ups 2," famous funnyman Sandler is bringing his bent brand of giggle movies to cord cutters.

While you can stream older Adam Sandler movies on Netflix, the '90s are over and Netflix subscribers everywhere will soon be getting first dibs on his next movie. And what's better is that they could be seeing the movie as early as 2015 according a New York Times interview with Ted Sarandos, a Netflix exec.

Netflix has, until recently, spent most of its efforts on taking on classic cable. They release Netflix original TV shows in massive "binge watchable" packages. In this case, Netflix has partnered with IMAX as a potential distributor for the films.

While every new technology since the invention of television has chipped away at the long tradition of Hollywood movies being shown first in movie theaters, Hollywood has so far survived everything from VHS rentals to Blu-Rays. But this Netflix deal is different.

According to reports, the agreement is a four-movie package by Sandler that will go straight to viewers on Netflix, totally bypassing the neighborhood movie theater.

Mr. Sandler ranks as one of the most popular movie stars on Netflix, with his films consistently among the most viewed on the service both in the United States and around the world, said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix.

While Netflix hasn't released all of the details of the deal between themselves and Sandler, you can definitely expect four movies to feature the actor in the very near future.

But is this just the beginning of movies by passing the $10 popcorn and sticky floors of movie theaters?

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