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As if money were no object: Young traveler uses air miles for a $30,000 flight

A flight from Singapore to New York will run most people somewhere near a thousand dollars. One seat on a Singapore Airlines Airbus, however, could cost you $30,000.

Derek Low, a young entrepreneur, realized that over his travels he had managed to bank up enough to afford a free trip in this very room. While his experience is amazing, I'm still not sure that it would be worth $30,000.

He took pictures of everything that happened on his flight. Here they are:


After Low arrived at the airport, he went through the normal check-in process. Turns out that he was wrong and that he was supposed to go through a special, private check-in terminal meant just for him.

His ticket was perfectly gaudy. I'd expect nothing less for $30,000.


One of my favorite parts about Low's story was his experience with a personal attendant who carried his bags and took care of him during the first night. The attendant had an almost endless supply of knowledge about wine, movies and coffee.


While I could post any number of Low's amazing pictures of the multi-course meals he was served throughout the flight, I think the next picture is something that everyone hopes for.


Leg room. So much leg room, in fact, that Smart's $30,000 ticket gave him enough space to put his feet up. Not enough room for you? Check this out.


A double bed along with two big screen TVs. What a treat! Here's hoping that we start seeing roomier planes without a price tag that is more than many people make in a year.

Want more travel stuff? Check out a few other things that I've written. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to check my frequent flyer miles.

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