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Celebs threaten Google over nude photo leaks

Google wasn't responsible for the infamous hack that leaked a bunch of celebrities' personal nude photos onto the Internet. But, now some of those celebs are threatening to sue the search giant anyway for failing to remove the stolen content from its websites and search engine results.

Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer is representing several celebrities affected by the hacks. They've sent a letter to Google threatening to sue the search giant for $100 million if the company doesn't do more to remove the hacked content from its network.

“We are writing concerning Google’s despicable, reprehensible conduct in not only failing to act expeditiously and responsibly to remove the images but in knowingly accommodating, facilitating and perpetuating the unlawful conduct,” says a letter threatening a more than $100 million lawsuit against the tech giant over leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union and others. “Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ is a sham.”

According to Singer, the celebrities are upset that the images are still showing up in searches on Google and YouTube and are still available on some sites run by Google. He also says Google has ignored Digital Millennium Copyright Act requests to remove the content.

Google has responded to the lawsuit threat by saying it's doing everything it can to remove the hacked photos from searches and sites it runs.

“We’ve removed tens of thousands of pictures, within hours of the requests being made, and we have closed hundreds of accounts,” said a spokesperson for the tech giant in a statement today. “The Internet is used for many good things. Stealing people’s private photos is not one of them.”

Google also said that it relies on Digital Millennium Copyright Act requests to know when information needs to be taken down. Its network is so large that it's difficult to find everything unless complaints are filed.

Celebrities aren't the only ones who might need to remove copyrighted or sensitive material from Google's services. Click here to learn how you can file a removal request with the company.

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