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Online dating for the rich and snobby

Online dating for the rich and snobby
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"Look, these members drive the best cars, hang out at the fanciest hotels, live in the biggest houses, wear the best clothes. It doesn't take long to weed out those who belong on a different kind of dating site." Those are the insightful words of Luxy spokesman Darren Shuster.

Luxy is the new dating app supposedly just for the rich.

So why does the app known as "Tinder for snobs" need a spokesperson? I mean, don't most tech startups lean on the celebrity of their CEO. I mean, hasn't the anonymous Luxy leader, who goes by "Tim T" learned anything from Musk or Zuckerberg?

Maybe it's because they're not ashamed of their products?

So is there actually a market of a hook-up for the rich act? I mean, I could understand if it were the type of site that was trying to introduce potential marriage options. But to think that snobs are picky about the bank accounts belonging to their potential one-night stands?

The truth behind Luxy's appeal

According to Google Play, Luxy has only been downloaded between 10 and 50 times. Are we then to assume that the wealthy and those chasing them only use iPhones? It is hard to say because Apple does not offer download numbers.

It is surprising that an app that markets itself as, "Tinder, minus the riff-raff" isn't already scrambling at the end of its first month to find enough servers to meet traffic demands. Luxy spokesperson Darren also offered, "If you show up in a 20-year-old VW bug, and request to meet at McDonald's, you won't last very long on Luxy."

One of the more interesting features that separates Luxy from its competitors is the "name your five favorite luxury style brands" section - an important part of the user profile creation experience. This will help elite daters connect with all the Versace - Bugatti - Louis Vuitton - Perrier Jouet - Knipschildt lovers, just like them.

The Luxy folks also claim the average income of their male users is $200,000 annually, which is interesting because Luxy also says they are "currently working on an income verification system."

What does this mean?

It means if you're interested in one-night stands and also interested in having these relationships with people who are either wealthy or compulsive liars - then, well, congratulations. It seems you have found your dating app.

Time to go get Luxy.

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