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See which cable channel costs you the most money

Cable companies have to pay content providers like Disney and Viacom for each channel provided for you to watch. Then, cable companies bundle all of those channels together in the form of expensive cable packages or tiers to pass along those costs to you. But, not all channels are created equal. In fact, there's one channel out there that costs cable companies over 4,000% more per viewer than the average channel!

So, which channel is bloating your bill? That would be the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. On average, cable companies are paying $6.04 a month per viewer for the channel. That's an insanely high price when you consider the average channel costs just $0.14 per subscriber every month. If your cable company bundles ESPN with ESPN 2 like most do, your total could be nearly $7 a month.

That could be pretty tough news if you're not a sports fan because that means the single largest bulk of your cable bill is paying for channels you probably don't even use. That's why I suggest cutting the cord on cable altogether. The lack of sports packages available to cord cutters is what keeps a lot of fans from making the switch. But, if you're not a sports person, then getting rid of that expensive cable bill is a no-brainer. You can find most of the entertainment you want through streaming services on these media players!

But, ESPN isn't the only channel adding big bucks to your bill. There are other expensive channels out there that you might not even know exist.


TNT comes in a distant second behind ESPN with an average cost of $1.48 per subscriber per month. If you're looking for an alternative to cable but don't want to lose TNT's shows, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video carry a lot of their content like "Dallas," "Falling Skies" and "The Closer."

The third most expensive channel is also the most obscure. Odds are you haven't even heard of Disney's 3net channel. It's not carried by a lot of providers, but if yours has it, it'll ding you around $1.37 per month.

A dollar here and a dollar there may not sound like a lot of money. But, those small charges can really add up when you consider most cable packages include hundreds and hundreds of channels. That's why a lot of cable bills cost customers north of $100 a month. Imagine how many of those channels you're not even using. Also realize that you are paying that every month, which really adds up on a yearly basis.

The Senate Commerce Committee almost saved you a lot of money the other day when it passed the Satellite Television Access and Viewer Rights Act. At one point, it included an amendment that would have allowed you to begin purchasing channels a la carte from your cable company. But, that provision was pulled before the act passed after heavy lobbying from the cable industry.

So, it looks like cutting the cord on cable is still your best option, especially if you're not a sports fan and want to quit paying a bunch of money for a channel you don't use. Click here to see which streaming services I think are the best.

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