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Dumbest criminal ever? Cops bust YouTube drug dealer

Dumbest criminal ever? Cops bust YouTube drug dealer
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Crime and social media just don't mix. Remember the guy who logged into Facebook from the house he was robbing? Now, there's a story out there about a Las Vegas drug dealer who was caught after "oversharing" YouTube. The Internet is full of stories about dumb criminals and their stupid mistakes that get themselves caught, but this guy might have them all beat.

Las Vegas police became aware of Jason Pelletier's marijuana operation after witnessing him talk about it openly on YouTube. Using the username BuddyNuggets78, Pelletier posted updates about his pot growing business that he ran with his wife, Stephanie.

"Just doing another weekly update to show the progress at this point," says a YouTube post.

Pelletier isn't shy in the videos, either. He talks all about how many plants he has and the type of light setup he uses to grow them. Most of the videos have been removed from his account, but he still has over 2,000 subscribers. I hope YouTube fame was worth it, because he's probably going to be facing a prison term.

While the way Pelletier got caught is really funny, the police are saying his track record isn't quite as laughable. He's actually a very dangerous guy.

Chavez called Jason Pelletier "a hardened criminal with a very serious criminal history" that includes guns and drugs.

The Southern Nevada Cannabis Operation and Regional Enforcement (SCORE) was sent in to take down the marijuana operation and confiscated "dozens" of plants. There's no word yet on what charges will be filed against the couple.

This story can serve as a lesson to anyone that oversharing on social media isn't a good idea. Obviously, I hope criminals keep deciding to do it, because it makes it even easier for law enforcement to track them down and gives the rest of us a laugh, too.

But, for the rest of us law-abiding citizens, social media oversharing can put your privacy and personal information at risk. Find out the things you should never share on Facebook and click here to download a tool to lock down your social media security settings.

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