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One digital thing you do every day could be shaving years off your life

So maybe employees who check their email less often are happier and healthier, but they've got to be less productive, right? Wrong! It turns out that just the opposite is true. Fast Company reports:

In addition to a moody, stressed out workers, Mark has noticed one more thing in her studies on email in the workplace. Although we often feel we’re being productive by answering a barrage of ever-flowing emails, Mark reports participants in her email studies reported their productivity actually improved when email was taken away.

Many reported they switched tasks less often and were better able to focus when their inbox was closed. This is no surprise considering the average worker checks their email 74 times a day, according to Mark’s research. That’s about nine times an hour in a typical eight-hour workday.

Research like this is why several German companies like BMW and Volkswagen have banned after-hours email. In fact, the entire country could soon ban answering emails outside the office.

Folks like you and me can't afford to give up on email entirely, but we can do it smarter. Click here to get a free app for phones and tablets that can help you take control of your email.


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