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AT&T offers cord cutters a dream bundle for only $39

AT&T offers cord cutters a dream bundle for only $39
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HBO's huge catalog of popular shows has made its streaming service HBO GO the cord cutter's Holy Grail. But, until now you had to have an expensive cable package to access the site. A few of the major cable providers have made accessing HBO GO cheaper in recent months by attaching it to basic cable packages for around $75 a month. But now, AT&T is offering the cheapest package yet that includes Internet service, HBO GO and even an Amazon Prime subscription.

The best part is it will only cost $39 a month! That's less than half of what most cable packages will cost you. They can run upward of $100 per month. That's a great deal considering you'll also get Amazon Prime's non-streaming benefits like free 2-day shipping on orders.

The move marks a shift in strategy for cable providers. They're finally starting to realize that cord cutting is the wave of the future. Not only do customers love the savings they can get by saying goodbye to their cable bill, but they also enjoy the freedom cord cutting gives them.

It's a good sign for the industry, but don't get too excited yet. The plan will only be offered to certain customers and it does have a few catches that you'll want to know about.

AT&T's cord-cutter package

AT&T's new deal isn't quite too good to be true, but it does have some specific conditions that you should know about. It's only available to specific customers and, for now, it's a limited-time offer.

The offer, good for 12 months of service, is only available online at the company's website. To qualify, customers would have to reside in an area that is reached by AT&T's U-verse fiber-optic TV and Internet service.

The promotion isn't technically completely free of television stations, either. It will still include your local broadcast stations. But, that's not such bad news because it's obviously not causing a dramatic price increase and local networks are a must have for sports fans.

Cord cutters can also access local broadcast stations with an HD antenna. I have a top-of-the-line antenna available in my store for $69.99 - that's almost 40% off!

There's no word yet about whether the package is renewable after the 12 month service window. That probably depends on how much demand AT&T sees. With competitor Verizon working on a streaming platform to attract cord cutters, I think this AT&T package is probably here to stay.

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