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Nerf gun with camera will be on every kid's Christmas list

Nerf gun with camera will be on every kid's Christmas list
Photo courtesy of Endgadget

Nerf Nation, the time is nigh. The new generation of Nerf weaponry is here!

OK, we can skip the dramatics but I really do have some fun news. And whether you partake of Nerf battles yourself, or there are children or grandchildren in your life who do, take note.

There is a new Nerf gun rifle in town that has a built in video recorder, camera and built for extreme fun. It even has a built in SIM card that stores up to 4 hours of video you can pop into your computer and post your great battle moments to social media.

That's right, you can actually record your Nerf missions and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (you get the idea).

Hasbro's "Head of Nerf" Michael Ritchie explains, "The Nerf fan base is technologically savvy and socially active so making products that fit their lifestyle is key."

So how much will this bad boy of safe shooting run you?

If you're in the market, expect to pay $79.99 for the new model. It's a small price to pay, in my opinion, for this kind of fun - especially with the added value of harmless social media shaming.

Of course there's a video!

Did you really think I would tempt you with a new Nerf rifle with mounted camera and not show you what it can do? Never! Take a look:

Now that I have shown you that the Nerf is a legitimate and completely harmless weapon, complete with a video camera, you may be wondering about the extras it comes with.

Here's a breakdown of all the features:

  • Quick-reload clip
  • Semi-automatic, power assisted long range firing (up to 85 feet)
  • Slam fire handle and trigger for one-handed firing ease
  • Built-in camera to record battles with pics and video
  • 4GB SD card holds 2,000 photos or 100 minutes of video
  • Easy enough for 8-year-old to operate.
  • Instructions

Oh, and it requires 8 AA batteries, and they are sold separately. But that isn't going to stop this video Nerf blaster from becoming the hot toy every kid is going to want (if they don't already)!

Oh, one more thing - watch out, Dave!

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