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Wacky, Weird and Wonderful: A creepy cuddling app, an epic wedding photobomb, and the date of the century goes to the silver screen

Wacky, Weird and Wonderful: A creepy cuddling app, an epic wedding photobomb, and the date of the century goes to the silver screen
photo courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK

The tech world is full of wacky, weird and wonderful things. Every week, I bring you three such stories that catch my eye. Enjoy!


We've seen some strange apps before, but this one might take the cake. It's called Cuddlr and - as the name suggests - it helps you find someone to cuddle with.

It works like this: Log into the Cuddlr app with your Facebook account (you have to have Facebook to use this app) and browse for potential partners by name, photo or their ratings. You can then send a request and they have 15 minutes to respond.

If an invitation is accepted, you can see the other person's location on a map, so you can track each other down, or find a place to meet.

Sound creepy? The app's founders encourage users to keep the experience G-rated. From the Huffington Post:

What happens when you meet is up to you. The founders encourage users to keep the experience completely platonic. "Unlike some other apps, Cuddlr is strictly about PG-rated experiences. Keep the cuddle a cuddle!" the app's introduction reads. The app suggests lying together in a park, window shopping, or just hugging.

See the Cuddlr app in action below:


You just have to see this amazing wedding photo. This couple, married on September 2oth, was photobombed by Bambi and some friends.

The couple's photographer, Ian Christmann, told BuzzFeed News:

“During dinner, just around sunset, quite a few deer appeared at the edge of the woods, so we crept over to them while they were eating some food on the ground,” he said. “They were bit a jittery but they hung around long enough for us to grab a few shots.”


What's even more exciting is the couple's proposal story. Erick and Lauren Fix met while working on a photoshoot four years ago. Erick is a screenwriter and Lauren is an actress, so when it came time to propose, Erick had the perfect plan.

Lauren was cast in a role as a girl named Danielle who is accidentally proposed to by a friend. During one of the many takes, Erick swapped places with the male role and proposed to Lauren. She was completely surprised. (I would show the video, but unfortunately there is some profanity. If you still want to watch it, you can find the link here.)

But that's not all for this week!


Would you embark on a three-month-long journey overseas with no luggage and no itinerary, with someone you just met on OkCupid? One freelance writer from Austin, Texas, did, and she traveled to eight countries in 21 days.

Even better, her essay about the trip, "The Craziest OKCupid Date Ever" has been picked up by New Line Cinema and will be adapted into a film called "No Baggage."

According to CBS News:

New Line Cinema picked up the movie rights to the Austin, Texas-based Bensen's story and has set up the project with Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot at their Offspring Entertainment banner, according to Variety. Adam Brooks ("Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason") will adapt the story for the screen.

Do you see what I see? Since the pair decided not to pack luggage, they literally wore the same clothes for three weeks.


London, England


Budapest, Hungary



Istanbul, Turkey

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