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Fast-food chain hack: Customer payment cards stolen

Updated: Signature Systems has release a list of 100 more independent restaurants using its systems that were compromised. See the store list - minus the Jimmy John's locations available below - here.

The hits just keep on coming for major retailers and restaurant chains. Fast food sandwich shop Jimmy John's has just confirmed that credit and debit card numbers, cardholder names and security codes were stolen from hundreds of its locations.

The data breach occurred between June 16, 2014 and September 5, 2014. It happened when hackers stole login credentials from Signature Systems, Jimmy John's point-of-sale system supplier.

From there, it was easy for hackers to install a virus that captured credit and debit card swipes. If you'll recall, many of the major data breaches recently - Home Depot, Target, Goodwill and others - have happened because of compromised POS systems.

It seems swiping your card at any store has become a serious risk. Click here to learn more risky places to swipe your debit card and some solutions.

Unlike Home Depot, where all 2,200 stores were hit, Jimmy John's only had a fraction of its stores hit. So if you've visited a location recently, your information might still be safe.

In all, 216 Jimmy John's stores were breached, and those are scattered far and wide. That's why Jimmy John's has created a site where you can quickly see what stores in your area were hit.

Click here and type in your city name to see if stores in your area were affected and the danger period for those stores. Just remember that the search is very specific. If you live in a metro area with lots of fuzzy city borders, you might want to search by state to make sure you're seeing every store in your area.

I checked the greater Phoenix area, and while we have more than 40 Jimmy John's stores only 8 were hit. So if you're a Jimmy John's patron, that might be a load off your mind. Of course, you'll still want to keep an eye on your bank statements.

Really, though, there are too many breaches happening to keep track of or protect yourself against, and I know more are going to be on the way. That's why I recommend getting identity theft protection, and I have just the service.

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