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Folks bought this amazing TV for $10,000 last year - see how to get it for $999

Folks bought this amazing TV for $10,000 last year - see how to get it for $999
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Ultra high definition, or 4K, is the hottest new breakthrough in home entertainment. It blows away the resolution on those normal 1080p high definition TVs right out of the water. In the past, 4K TVs had one big problem - the price. But, Vizio is bringing a model to the market at price more consumers can afford.

Ultra high definition TVs have had a hard time catching on with buyers because they're expensive and there isn't a lot of 4K ready movies and videos out there yet. It's a Catch-22. Few want to make the big investment in the screens because of the lack of content, but programmers aren't going to start producing more content until there's a bigger market out there.

That could all change thanks to Vizio. Its brand new 50-inch P-Series 4K LED TV has a starting price of $999.99. For comparison's sake, Samsung's 50-inch 4K TV starts at $1,499.99! Hopefully, this more affordable TV will lead to more buyers and thus more 4K content in the near future. Until then, you can stream select 4K titles from Netflix and YouTube straight to the new Vizio 4K TV. Of course, you can still watch all of the standard HD 1080p content out there, too. The Vizio P-Series has "upscaling" technology that converts 1080p content into Ultra HD resolution.

If you're not looking for a new TV, there's still some cool new tech out there that might interest you. Microsoft recently debuted a gadget that makes it easier than ever to cut the cord.

Microsoft Display Adapter

It doesn't have a catchy name, but the Display Adapter is Microsoft's challenge to Google's Chromecast. The items are similar, but do exactly the same thing. The Display adapter is actually a little easier to set up and use. You can buy the gadget in October for $59.95.

Chromecast uses your computer or gadget to connect to a streaming service like Netflix, but then streams all the content directly from the site. Display Adapter, on the other hand, just mirrors your computer screen to your TV, so your computer is still doing the heavy lifting.

That difference makes it really easy to set up. The Display Adapter doesn't even need its own Wi-Fi connection. You just need to plug the gadget into the HDMI port on your TV (it also has a USB connection for power) and then use the display settings on your computer to mirror onto the TV. You can also use it to connect with other things like Android gadgets.

That gadget is cool, but if you really want to blow all of your friends away with a next generation entertainment system, you've got to see what Hisense has in store.

Laser cinema

How'd you like to transform your living room into a full entertainment experience? Then this new product is for you. At a recent press conference, Hisense introduce its Laser Cinema projection system.

Most new projectors these days use "short throw" technology that lets them display images and video on a screen from only a short distance away.

Hisense's product is taking that to a whole new level. The Laser Cinema can project a huge 100-inch viewing area in 1080p HD from only about 20 inches away. This minimizes how much space the system takes up in your room.

The projector will also support 3-D display and motion sensing games. The company also claims that the technology used in the projector will not cause eye strain, even after hours of viewing. Hisense hasn't announced a starting price or debut date for the new projector yet, so you'll have to sit tight if you want to transform your living room into a next-level entertainment zone.

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