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This phishing email almost fooled a security expert with a Ph.D.

Even the most security-minded among us aren't totally safe from malware that relies on social engineering to do its dirty work. Johannes Ullrich, a information technology security expert, recently posted the email that almost tricked him into installing dangerous software onto his PC.

The email pretended to be from LogMeIn, a program that lets you remotely connect to PCs from all over the world. It's often used by travelers who need access to their home computer from out of town.

Note: Yes, LogMeIn is the same program that caused the Dairy Queen data breach.

The email claimed to fix an issue related to the "Heartbleed" vulnerability that left many users wide open last year. I've covered Heartbleed extensively and it would make sense that anyone using LogMeIn would be worried about a Heartbleed-related vulnerability leaving their data exposed.

If a hacker was able to breach a user's LogMeIn account, then they could "screen share" with their victim whenever they wanted. This means that the hacker could watch the user enter their banking info, send personal emails and act as a general peephole into whatever their victim does.

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