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What’s your state’s favorite food?

What’s your state’s favorite food?
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Meat and potatoes, Asian or Mexican? I think we can tell a lot about a place by its food, right? Now, Twitter ranks all the states by the foods mentioned most. Which food do you think your neighbors write about the most? And does that mean you actually eat it the most?

Here are some examples: Durian fruit is popular in Maine and the Mexican dessert Flan is loved in North Dakota.

Are you surprised? The report lists the most Tweeted foods from each state with results that might seem surprising.

Now one of the most popular complaints about Twitter is that it's really just a way to see what other people are eating for lunch. Of course, with that kind of information, a giant-sized social media site can get their hands on some pretty interesting information.

An eight month, Twitter-based study by University of Arizona researchers has a lot to say about how we view meals across the United States. For example, we now know that the Midwest prefers breakfast and the West Coast is all about dinner.

And what about specific foods?

Well, there were some popular items that were expected and others that were very curious. Idaho strengthened their connection to the potato, while capers ranked high with Oregon folks.

Popular tweeted foods identify odd trends

The "food Tweet" report may have raised more questions than it answered, but the information is pretty interesting to consider. In Austin, there are lots of taco and bottomless mimosas conversations. And in Chicago, the Tweets continue to roll in for "jerk, breakfast, and BBQ."

The researches really did find some odd trends. Diabetes patients Tweet far more about Mexican food, fried foods, and bacon, while non-diabetics are all over the board. Democrats are more likely to Tweet about vegan recipes while Republicans keep it simple with lunch, snacks, and parties.

So, while there may someday be good ways to use this information, for now, it is just kind of fun. Here's a map of the most popular tweeted food for each state.


Most tweeted food by state

Do they ever love their grits in the South! Oh, and apparently in Pennsylvania, too.

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