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Google ads spread computer malware: Urgent updates to protect your computer now

I don't like that computer hackers may have used the ads to spread their malware. It's good to hear, however, that all of my listeners would have been almost totally protected from the malware by simply following my ongoing advice.

As a quick refresher, here are some of the basic steps that you can take to completely protect yourself:

  1. Keep Windows and Internet Explorer up to date.
  2. Make sure that you're using the latest version of Adobe's accident-prone Flash Player.
  3. Always keep anti-virus software on your computer up to date.

Viruses and malware are almost an inevitability online. While it's frustrating to see Google get fooled by letting hackers use their servers to distribute harmful software, I'll say it one more time: Anyone who followed my advice is completely safe from hacker attack.

Google has said that they're "dealing with the problem," so that means that this malware will probably be off of their servers either today or tomorrow. Knock on wood, I guess.

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