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New easy trick to streaming movies to your TV

One thing I love about technology is that it's getting cheaper and better all the time. Google has been proving that for a while now with all of its affordable gadgets. The company's Chrome operating system has prompted the creation of inexpensive Chromebook laptops that are a cheap alternative for people who need to stay connected to the digital world on a budget.

You can find Chromebooks from popular companies like Samsung, HP, Toshiba and Acer and they usually only cost between $100 and $400. These are budget laptops, so you won't find all of the same features and processing speeds you'll get with more expensive computers. But, there are some cool tools, too.

In fact, Google is now developing a service for streaming video fans that's only available to Chromebook users. It's going to make it easier than ever to play your home videos and more right on your TV screen.

Chromecast is one of the most affordable streaming gadgets out there. It only costs $35! It plugs right into the HDMI port on your TV and works with a lot of the most popular streaming apps, like Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. You can also control the volume from your tablet, phone or laptop.

But, that's not all. A new developmental version of the Chrome OS now allows Chromebook users to stream even more of their favorite videos like never before.

Google Drive

The great thing about Chromebooks is that they integrate with Google Drive, so you can store all of your documents and data straight to the cloud. You don't need to pay for expensive packages like Microsoft Office because you can use apps like Docs, Sheets and Slides that automatically save your files.

Now, Google is bringing that same functionality to videos. With a new update for the OS, you can stream any videos stored on your Drive directly to your TV with the Chromecast gadget and your Chromebook. To use it, simply open up the video in your Drive and click the new "cast" icon.

This feature is a part of Google's latest Chrome OS development update, so it's not a part of the operating system that comes standard on Chromebooks. You'll have to download the update for it to work. You'll also have to install the Googlecast extension.

Google Drive takes care of the streaming, not your Chromebook. So, once you've selected the streaming option, you can close your laptop and let it go into sleep mode. This is a big deal because Google's streaming abilities far outweigh those of a budget laptop like most Chromebooks.

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