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Apple iPhone 6 in stores today - see the big 'whoops' with first one sold

It's not just the lines and sales number that are big

The iFixit folks were at it again. A new product, a new breakdown.

This time, the new product was an iPhone 6 Plus. The first thing they reported were the use of iPhone's usual non-standard petalobe screws and beyond them, a reasonably simple bay to disassemble and make repairs.

The one item of note was the gigantic battery (by smartphone standards, anyway). At first glance it appears nearly as big as an iPhone 5s. Well, that certainly explains the extended 14 hour continuous talk time stat.

Isn't this battery enormous?

iPhone 6 Plus battery

Well, congratulations to those who overcame the lines and elements to get their hands on one of the first iPhone 6 devices on the original release date. (Personally, I opted for placing an online order last week, so I am going to have to exercise a little patience.)

Now if you are reading this and also happen to be one of the brave souls who journeyed into sales central and returned with a prize, we would love to hear about your experience, and your first impressions about your new toy. So, please leave those in the comments area below.

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