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Android users: Apple will help you move to iPad and iPhone

With a lion's share of rave reviews from critics, the future of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus looks promising to say the least. In fact, Apple is betting that some Android users will be attracted enough to make the switch.

Tempted to switch from your old Android gadget to one of the brand new iPhones or iPads? Now Apple is making it almost as easy as sending an email. It’s Apple’s new guide for moving your contacts, emails, photos, music and more from Android to the Apple world.

This simple-to-use guide even includes details about convenient data copying apps that make things even easier like Copy My Data and PhotoSync. Another thing Apple did that was smart, was to include the various apps that Android users are probably already familiar with.

The guide shows users how to search for apps they are already using on their Android devices, then walks them through installation for the Apple. It also shows how you can still sign in with your existing user name and password for the utmost convenience.

The Apple vs. Android debate continues

I hate to be so boring, but in most cases, the choice between Apple and a top Android device comes down to preference. I can say this, Apple's new mobile payment feature Apple Pay as well as the reinforced data protection that comes with the also new iOS 8 are nearly impressive enough to convert, even if there were no other changes.

But there are other changes.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook suggested that the new devices are the biggest advancement in the history of iPhones and even went so far as to say that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are, "the best iPhones" Apple ever produced. And there are not too many people who are not just a little bit excited over the two larger screen sizes.

Of course just because Apple has new products doesn't necessarily mean that you have to switch or that you even want to. There is no question that there are some very impressive Android devices out there to be sure. That being said, Apple sold 4 million units the first day and there are reports from top carriers that demand might push delivery as far back as October in some cases.

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