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Secrets on getting the best deals for fall travel

State of Fall Travel Report

In general, you'll see higher prices at hotels this fall because of the expected impact of increased business travel. But, that doesn't mean there still aren't a few deals to be had. Hotwire says you can save the most money by booking at the last minute, because that's when hotels are desperate to fill the rooms passed over by corporate customers. This is obviously a risk, but it could pay off big time. If you want to save money without the waiting until the last day, Hotwire suggests booking in late fall around Thanksgiving when rates are lowest.

Your choice in destination could also save you money. Most business flock to major cities for their conventions and travel. That means secondary markets will be more desperate for visitors and more willing to give you a deal.

The biggest discounts overall can be found in smaller, less business-centric cities like Salt Lake City, Niagara Falls and Ottawa, which are all also showing average nightly hotel rates for less than $100, while the Hawaiian island of Maui is currently experiencing an 11 percent drop.

Traveling to Hawaii can also help you save on airline and rental car prices. Flights to The Big Island, Maui and Kauai are all seeing steep drops in airfare costs. Some Hawaiian destinations are seeing prices as low as $30 a day for a rental car, too. You also might be able to save a little cash on airfare by going to secondary U.S. cities or traveling internationally. But, most domestic flight costs are seeing a slight increase this fall.

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