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Wacky, Weird and Wonderful for Sept. 21

Wacky, Weird and Wonderful for Sept. 21
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The tech world is full of wacky, weird and wonderful things. Every week, I bring you three such stories that catch my eye. Enjoy!


Have you ever thought to yourself, "I love Facebook, but it just doesn't cost enough"? Neither has anyone else.

That hasn't stopped composer James Touchi-Peters from making the site Netropolitan. Imagine Facebook with no ads, better privacy and unlimited cloud storage, and you've pretty much got the idea.

Sounds fine, the only hiccup is the price. Yes, it does cost a bit to join. Take a quick guess at how much.

Nope, too low. To join Netropolitan you'll be shelling out a cool $9,000. Yes, $9,000!

That's more than 100 years of Kim's Club - I'm obviously not charging enough.

But that's not all. The $9,000 only covers the first year and after that there's an annual fee of $3,000 to stay a member.

I think there's a saying  about money and sense that applies here. You now the one I mean.


I'm sure if you've done any flying you have a few airline-travel horror stories. Malfunctioning plane, overzealous TSA agents, parents potty-training their kid on the flight ... wait, what?

Yes, apparently top billing for strange airline stories goes to the passengers who just don't understand that there are other people on the flight with them.

PassengerShaming.com collects photos of passengers' bad or unusual behavior from Instagram and Facebook.

Warning: Some of the photos are offensive or use offensive language, so proceed with caution.


Who wouldn't be an astronaut if they could? I imagine the excitement of going to space is something very little else can match.

Unfortunately, becoming an astronaut is one of the hardest jobs to get, but now you can at least get close.

The Space Suit Experience lets you get a two-hour inside look at the history of space suits, put on a real space suit that's pressurized and then spend time in a spacecraft landing simulator.

The best part is the price. Sure $395 isn't exactly pocket change for only two hours of fun, but your other option is a ticket on Virgin Galactic, which will set you back $250,000. In comparison, it's a steal.

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