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3 things coming to Windows 9

Windowed apps

Right now, the difference between programs and apps in Windows 8 is confusing. It doesn't help that apps launch full screen, whether they need the space or not.

Fortunately, in Windows 9, apps will run in windows, just like programs. So you can resize them and move them around the desktop. That means you can get more things on the screen at once.

Virtual Desktops

I'm a big fan of multiple computer screens to increase productivity. However, a similar software-based solution is virtual desktops. Other operating systems have had this feature for more than a decade, but Windows has been a holdout.

Well, it's finally here. You can set up desktops for media, work, browsing and other tasks, each with its own programs running. Then switch back and forth with the tap of a key.

See how this will work in Windows 9, again courtesy of WinFuture:

It's coming soon and it might be free

The best part of Windows 9 is that it's coming soon. Microsoft is unveiling the first official preview version on September 30. The final version could be anywhere from Christmas to spring 2015, but it shouldn't be later than that.

Then there's the rumors that if you're upgrading from Windows 8.1, Windows 9 might be free - or at least as cheap as $20. That's a very Apple-like strategy and one Microsoft needs to adopt if it wants to shake off the bad taste of Windows 8.

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