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Free iPhone 6, plus skip the line to get yours first

Is Sprint's offer comparable?

Living up to their name, Sprint has a quick offer on the table, too. So if you are a Sprint customer or you are willing to become one, they will give you a free 16GB iPhone 6 if you trade in "any used iPhone model a Sprint stores, IF (you guessed it), they are "in good working condition."

All of these companies seem to have very specific plans for our old phones, don't they?

Of course, Sprint also requires you to sign up for a two-year agreement. And if you want the larger iPhone 6 Plus, you can use your trade-in credit to purchase the larger memory versions of the iPhone 6, too.

So there you have it. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint want your business. They want it so bad they're pretty much willing to spot you a free new iPhone 6 to get it. Now, there are other phone options out there, but for most of us, we are all going to need (or at least believe we need) a top service provider in our lives. In that way, these deals are pretty good.

Though, if a company is so willing to give away a $200+ piece of technology just to win your account, you have to wonder how they are making out on the back end. I'll give you a hint (they're dancing all the way to the bank.)

Then again, those new iPhones sure are cool.

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