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One more chance to get the sold-out gadget everyone wants

There was one brand-new gadget everybody HAD to get their hands on last week, and it wasn't anything from Apple. Despite all the hype surrounding the Apple Watch announcement, the smart watch that had people reaching for their wallets was the Motorola Moto 360.

This is the watch I told you about in the spring. It revolutionized what a smart watch was supposed to look like, and consumers have taken notice.

The Moto 360 sold out everywhere within hours of going on sale. But Motorola just announced yesterday that more would be in stock tomorrow at Motorola.com. You'll need an Android smartphone to make the most of your Moto 360, but the market has spoken on whether or not folks think it's worth the $250 price tag. For what it's worth, this is definitely one of the most stylish and functional smart watches out in a limited field.

Moto360 Concept

But that wasn't even Motorola's biggest announcement.

Motorola also announced the new second-generation Moto X smartphone would be available for pre-order on Tuesday. This is one smartphone I'm really excited for. It may even be better than the iPhone 6. Only the AT&T version and the unlocked Pure Edition will be available for pre-order tomorrow. We don't know when the other carriers' versions will follow.

Moto Maker also goes online tomorrow. It's the cool online feature that lets you customize your Moto X with thousands of combinations of colors and materials, including wood and leather.

On top of that, Motorola's new Hint earpiece and Turbo Charger will also be on sale. The Hint earpiece lets you interact with your phone via a tiny Bluetooth earpiece that's just like the ones in the movie "Her." The Turbo Charger claims it will be able to give you eight hours of battery life with just 15 minutes of charging. They cost $150 and $35 respectively.

Click here to see how the Moto X compares to the other top smartphones.

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