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'Black box' helmet will change bike rides forever

'Black box' helmet will change bike rides forever
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I've always told you that a dash cam is a must-have purchase for any driver. It's an important tool to keep you safe and protected in case of an accident or road rage. That's why I sell a great one in my store.

Drivers aren't the only ones who could use a little recorded backup. Bike riders are in danger every day because of distracted drivers and other dangers on the road. That's why they need their very own recorders. Some cyclists are turning to GoPro cameras that can mount right onto a helmet.

That's a good choice, but video isn't the only kind of data that's important in a crash, especially for bike riders. It's also important to know if they were hurt and how severe the injury is. If a person gets a head injury, it's important to know how hard they hit their head.

That's why some students at Oregon State University have developed an even better solution. They've created a "black box" helmet to keep cyclists safe.

Smart helmet

With all the buzz around smart watches these days, I guess that it should be no surprise that someone is working on a smart helmet. It's got its own great features and can even integrate with gadgets to keep you safe on the roads. The helmet features a 3-D printed outer shell and tons of electronics to record crash data.

Its potentially lifesaving features include accelerometers, speakers, a microphone and an LED headlamp.

Together, the features provide the rider with information while cycling, or data in the event of an accident.

The helmet works with an Android app to record data to determine if the rider crashed, hit their head and how severe the impact was. This is great for parents who might not see their child crash a bike and need to know how bad the accident was. The helmet can also ask the rider if they're hurt. If they are, or don't respond, the helmet can use the person's smartphone to contact emergency services.


Those same speakers can also be used to stream music while riding or to make hands-free calls. It's really all the cool features from a smartphone or watch built in to a helmet. The helmet is still just a prototype, so we don't know how much it will cost or when it will be available to buy.

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